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EVERY house should have a Reiki person in it!
Reiki is natural hands on healing – trainings are open to anyone with the will to learn.

Sunday August 7 2011 11 – 6 here on The Balloch Hill.
Class Size limited to 6 participants.

Reiki Level I training is open to anyone who wants to be able to do Reiki Healing on themselves, their pets, horses, animals, friends and families.

Class Investment is £125: this includes lunch on the day, Reiki Manual and an equine reiki workshop the following month. Suggested date for the equine workshop is Sunday September 11.

August 27 & 28 11-6, here on The Balloch Hill.
Class size limited to 6 students.

Reiki II Training or Practitioner Training is open to any Reiki I Student wishing to work with Reiki on a wider level with the general public. Reiki II introduces distant and absent healing, crystal healing and working with clients on a professional basis.

Class Investment £225, including lunch both days, equine reiki workshop and continuing professional assistance.
Suggested date for Equine Workshop; Saturday, October 8.

Please email me for more information or for an application form.

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Rolfing is not painful…

well, that’s my experience and opinion!
We have some new additions on the hill… this is 2 year old Malachy having a bit of hip work – under supervision of our winter lodger, Charlot.

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The 7pm class is already full and spaces are filling in the 815 – please email asap if you are interested to .

More details on the pilates tab above.

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Profuse and sincere apologies…

… to all those awaiting sessions. If you don’t hear back from me within 48 hours please do send a text to gently jog my failing memory. Thank you for your patience!

Not missing the M25 at all!

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I am thrilled to announce the first ever UK training of Integrated Performance Therapy from Renowned Equine Sports Therapist, Robert Altman, and Rolfer Pauline Kidd, in May 2011.

Robert Altman, the first person to apprentice with the late, great Jack Meagher will be travelling to Aberdeenshire next May.  

May 13-15 Human Foundation Class

This class will be held near Huntly, Aberdeenshire.

Class max is 16 – open to any certified Massage Therapist.

May 16-22 Equine Foundation Class.

This is an intensive training working in yards within 40mins of Inverurie, Aberdeenshire.

Class max is 8 with 2 instructors to allow a LOT of 1:1 supervision.

Open to any certified Human Massage Therapist with a proven working knowledge of horses.

The training is a post-graduate training for certified Human Massage Therapists.

This class is a fantastic opportunity to invest in your further development as and Equine Therapist – and saves you the cost of having to travel to the USA.

Class maximum for the Equine class is 8 students thus offering a huge amount of 1:1 attention from Robert and myself.  

Please email me at for more information and an application form.

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Apologies to everyone patiently waiting for sessions.

This week brought another three plus feet of snow, no power for 2 days and had us snowed in for the third time this year.  Skis next winter for sure.

Please bear with me as I try to catch up as best I can!

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The BRC Clinic at Waulkmill on Saturday 27th Feb is cancelled due to weather.

I’ve had 36 hours of constant snow here so not actually sure I can get out either!

Commiserations to all of you who qualified for the Regionals and can’t get there because of the weather.

Stay warm and well everyone.

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Scottish Farmers

are worth their weight in gold!

Many thanks to ours who ploughed the entire track up the hill which has allowed me to at least get the landy out, after helping police tow lorries up over the Coachford brae.  Friends who are farmers have been out every night on the A96 helping pull vehicles up hills.  And only for a word of thanks.

Please buy Scottish at the butcher or Supermarket and show them some real appreciation!

I now have a mile hike to the landy but can at least get out.

I hope you are managing to get food and more importantly water to your 4 leggeds.

If you’ve any spare energy try and get some food out to the birds too!

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Stay warm and well!

I hope you and all your four leggeds are coping with this weather!

We’ve had over 3 feet in total up at the top of the hill which has compacted down to a good two plus feet.

I will be taking the week off!

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Here’s to 2010!

… it’ll be a slow start for me as I am slightly snowed in!

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