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client of the week…

… a client asked me to look at a gundog that had lost the use of both hind legs.  Vet had x-rayed which showed 2 prolapsed discs.  Vet said rest and it may or may not resolve. Dog was deteriorating daily.

I spent a half hour with her – a little bit of gentle Rolfing and some Reiki going on all the time.

After 20 mins she started to weight bear and then 10 mins later even managed to get back to the big kennels with all the other dogs – the last 5 strides had all 4 legs working.  Not a dry eye in the house!

24 hours later she was found standing wagging her tail and walking happily.  I shall keep you posted.

Talk about regaining perspective!

(did i tell you about the rabbit? )

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