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back at work

… remember the gundog that had lost the use of both hind legs last month?

I was up in Strathdon seeing horses today and popped in for an update.

Pip is 99% and back at work and making us all VERY happy.

I tried my best to get a pic of her running about – but as a working cocker she goes so fast I struggled!

Life is for living!

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where DOES the time go to?

What a crazy month September was… Robert Altman flew in from the States and we did the equine masterclass in Holland and the human class here at Crathes.  Well done to all who participated!

(… group pic from the human class at Crathes… Robert renamed George the skeleton, “Mel” , as Braveheart was his only knowledge of Scotland up to this point… thanks to the students for the saturday clothing!)

Profuse apologies to clients who either couldn’t get a hold of me or didn’t get their calls returned – not enough hours in the day at all. 

PHONE MALFUNCTION!  My indestructable phone had a little tantrum yesterday so any messages from Sunday into Monday have been lost in the ether.  Apologies but please do try again…


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