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Combined Clinic

Well done everybody at the Riding Straight Clinic at Ladyleys yesterday with myself and Pam Millar.

Some familiar faces, a few new faces and a lot of VERY transformed movement.  

The smile on one girls face after I helped her find balance in her pelvis and she felt her horse launch into a fluid first trot will stay with me for a long, long time.  Simple, subtle and fantastic!

The 30 mins with me for some was all in halt or walk and mostly gentle manipulation and subtle Rolfing Movement work to release a grip in a hip and balance out the sacro-iliac joints… for others it was as simple as learning a breathing technique to combat nervous tension.

We were then able to hand over forward, free, stretching harmonious rider/horse partnerships to Pam and I got glimpses of stunning work out of the corner of my eye throughout the afternoon at the other end of the arena.  WOW!

Well done everyone – if you bring us an open mind and some motivation for change – we can help!

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January 24th at Ladyleys “RIDING STRAIGHT” with myself and Pam Millar – 30 mins 1:1 with me to work on structural or wiring imbalances followed by 30 mins 1:1 with Pam on how to take this into your riding.  £40.

January 31st at Oatridge College – Sports Science Seminar for Trainers, Coaches and Riders. for details.

February 1st at Ladyleys – “Mastering Balance” with myself and Niamh Meehan – 30 mins 1:1 with me to work on structural or wiring imbalances followed by 30 mins 1:1 with Niamh on technique and mastering balance in yourself and your horse. £40.

February 7th at Ladyleys.  Rider Rebalancing group sessions for SERC – please visit website for more info – open to non-members also .

February 8th at Crathes. Reiki I Class – open to anyone wanting to be able to do hands on healing for themselves and their families and pets. £100.

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