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Pauline will be offering Wednesday workshops in March & April at Crathes Hall for clients wanting to learn a routine to do at home.  EACH WORKSHOP WILL BE DIFFERENT! £15 per workshop.


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patterns and perceptions…

What a weekend!

On Saturday I had the opportunity to unleash my thinking on patterns and perceptions of the rider on the BD trainers Sports Science Seminar – a lot of open minds and nodding heads (and willing guinea pigs – much thanks!) which bodes well for a combined approach to improving dressage in this country.  We have some fantastic raw talent out there – all they need is the right tools to make the most of it!

On Sunday, Niamh Meehan and I held the Mastering Balance Clinic at Ladyleys – as with Pam the week before, the clinic was full with a waiting list and the results were stunning.  

The combination of the 1:1 with me sorting out any physical imbalances or revisiting what the body IS actually doing when the brain gives a command – then handing it over to Niamh who got every last ounce of potential out of horse and rider – the smiles on the riders faces said it all!  The quality of movement in the horses at the end of the sessions with Niamh as the rider and horse worked together in balance was quite breathtaking – well done everyone!

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